Slop is hypothetical food and communication event held at the Ara Institute of Canterbury, designed to enhance the school’s student culture. The event aims to bring the students together and encourage the growth of friendship amongst our pairs. 
Using food as a middle ground for comfort and familiarity.
It is a weekly event, using a large outside area to provide four various food trucks. Amongst the love of food, I would use the collaboration of students from other areas to be included in the event, this enabling real-life work experience to refine their skills. These students would provide entertainment, event management, hospitality and trade, all to help the event run smoothly.
In the effort to create real connections and communication amongst the students at this food event I’ve developed a device called “Chatting Tubes”. This device is made up of eight human-sized tubes which the students can step into. Given topic’s and with a time limit, they can chat with a corresponding student through a chatting hole.
This is a fun and innovative way to encourage new conversation in a non-confronting way. It creates confidence and a chance to form new relationships with students outside of the tubes.
Slop is all about what the students really want.
It combines elements that people love while achieving its underlying agenda.
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